Who has power over you?
    LAYER NR. 3
    "For things to have value in man's world, they are given the
    role of commodities. Among man's oldest and most
    constant commodity is Woman."
    ( Ana Castillo )

Addictions Counsellor / Assaulted Women's & Children's Counsellor/Advocate / Artiste


Sveta is an superior project manager, with excellent feminist, anti-racism, anti-oppression analysis. She is very empathetic with a strong background in counselling. She is also an advocate for those who are most marginalized and provides support to women in need. She is an asset to any team that can use her skills.

Krittika Ghosh Senior Coordinator, Violence Against Women at OCASI

Sveta's knowledge of anti-oppressive framework and feminist ideology is an asset in paving a road for recovery for women fleeing from violence. She has excellent counselling and crisis intervention skills based in 'cultural competency' and 'trauma informed approach'. She is very well versed in her field, excellent at self examination of her limitations, is honest and humane in her approach within her praxis. She valiantly fights for Women's Rights and is committed to gender equity. She is fearless, dynamic, and stands steadfast in her beliefs.

Zarina Sherazee Manager,Family Services at SAFSS

As a passionate and fearless advocate for women who have been traumatized by violence and affected by substance use problems, Sveta is a compassionate and effective counsellor who understands the complexities of addiction and gender based violence.

John Wade, BA, ICADC JCW Counselling Services

I have never met any person more passionate about her work than Sveta! She lives, eats and breathes it.

Barb Scollick RETIRED!!! Canadian Society for Pharmaceutical Sciences

It has been a great pleasure and honor to know Sveta because she is a woman who displays courage and epitomizes bravery in her daily life. She tries to understand the struggle and pain of others, and plays an active role in advocating on behalf of those who may not have a voice. She takes the time to actually listen to her clients and does not impart judgment or partiality. If one ever meets Sveta, one will realize soon enough that she is charming and compassionate, is very truthful and honest, has a beautiful inner soul, and is a very caring human being who can empathize with others, and not just sympathize.

Dr. Nirupama Gupta Pediatric Nephrology Assistant Professor

Very easy person to talk to. Great to work with. Very professional

Danielle Rohlehr Paraprofessional, Deloitte Canada

Sveta's beautiful designs are as unique as she and of superb quality.


Sveta is woman of great wisdom and has the poetic ability to counsel and educate with the utmost integrity and poise.


I lost my children, no one listened, no one understand my culture. What my husband's violence did to me and no one help me in Hospital, no one help me with CAS. My sisters left me, my family left me. I met Sveta and for 2.5 years she worked like it was her children to get them back to me. She listens, understands pain liken no other Therapist I got before. She fight for my Rights. I got full custody after 8 painful long year. I pray to God that every victim get Sveta as her Counsellor to save their life and children.


My daughter has opened up to me only after I started counselling with Sveta. My childhood fears, pain and trauma have harmed her beyond my knowledge. I did not know the harm I was causing my own child until I started counselling with Sveta. If there is anyone that is suffering because their children don't speak to you or because you are frightened of leaving an abusive marriage, you must reach out to most sensitive, kind, compassionate, knowledgeable Counsellor Sveta. She understood me like no other Social Worker or Therapist did in last 6 years. I found myself after I found Sveta.


I know humanity can survive if there are more noble natured, culturally competent Women like you to stop gender violence. Your work and voice is essential for racialized Women. I am fortunate to have you as my Counsellor and Advocate

Gi. Dez